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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

Help & Advice

The help and advice sections contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't covered in this section please contact us on 01279 219777 or email us

Q. What is a Transfer Code?

Q. What is a Registration Code?

Q. How do I register my pet online with a Transfer Code

Q. Can I register any animal with Animal Tracker?

Q. Why do I need to register my pet on Animal Tracker?

Q. What different types of accounts are there and how much will it cost?

Q. How do I amend my address /contact details?

Q. I am going on holiday, can I add temporary address details for my pet?

Q. What is an Animal Tracker Keeper Subscription Account?

Q. What should I do if I need to change my animal's registered keepership?

Q. I have bought an animal from a breeder; how do I become the new registered keeper?

Q. What should I do if I don't have a transfer or registration code and need to register as the new keeper of an animal?

Q. Why is my Registration / Transfer Code not recognised on Animal Tracker?

Q. Why has an animal remained in my Animal Tracker account even though it has been passed to a new keeper?

Q. What should I do if the person my animal is being passed to does not have internet access so cannot add new registered keeper details online?

Q. What should I do if I find an animal?

Q. Should I inform Animal Tracker if my pet has passed away?

Q. What should I do if my pet is missing?

Q. I am a Breeder who is microchipping my own litter. Can I register the animals straight to their new owners?

Q. What is a Checksum?

Q. Can I register a foreign microchip?

Q. How do I find my pet's microchip number?

Q. I am selling an animal to somebody who does not reside in the UK, or somebody will be exporting it.