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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

How do I find the microchip number?

The microchip number is stored digitally within the microchip that has been implanted an the animal.

If you do not know if the animal is microchipped you can visit your nearest Pets at Home (8-8pm, 7/7), vets or welfare organisation.  They will scan the animal and, if they locate a microchip, they can check which database it is registered to initiate the process of reuniting the animal with its owner. 

Alternatively, if the animal is a dog you should contact the dog warden for your local authority. 

The Environment Protection Act 1990 states that the finder of a stray dog should either return the dog to its owner, or inform the officer of the local authority (dog warden service) and have it collected.  Environment Protection Act 1990.

Click here to find a contact number for your local authority