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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

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It is important that both Keeper and animal records are kept up to date on the Animal Tracker Site.  If a Keeper's contact details change, or if an animal moves to a new Keeper, failure to update the corresponding online record may result in a significant delay, or even failure, in reunification.

Animal Tracker offers a Premium account, where Keepers can update their contact details for free during the lifetime of their pet.  They can also add a temporary address and phone number if, for example, they are going on holiday and the animal stays with a family member / kennels. 

Those with approved Implanter, Premium Breeder and Welfare accounts may also update their contact details for free within the lifetime of their account.

Pet Owners with a Basic account will need to upgrade to a Premium account in order to update their contact information or add in temporary address details. 

As well as unlimited changes of contact details, Premium account holders can benefit from the following:

  • Keep multiple pet records in one place - add up to 5 animals with Animal Tracker microchips within one Premium account.
  • Add your pet’s vet details, with the option for them to be displayed along with your contact details
  • Add your pet’s vaccination details to your microchip records
  • Add temporary addresses when you go on holiday or have to spend time away from your pet.
  • Access to special offers and discounts.

Premium Account holders will have access to the following if their pet is missing:

  • The animal's microchip number will be sent to the network of Scanner Angel microchip scanners.  If the animal is found and scanned with one of these it will recognise they are listed as missing and will display Animal Tracker's contact number alongside the microchip number. 
  • Alerts sent out to those in the local area who have signed up to our lost and found network (option to add in an alternate postcode if the animal is missing from an area different to their registered address).
  • Ability to upload/update the animal's photo and create lost posters.

Legislation regarding dogs

The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015

The Microchipping of Dogs (Wales) Regulations 2015

The Microchipping of Dogs (Scotland) Regulations 2016

Current legislation regarding dogs states that the Keeper must record their name, address and contact number on a recognised database. 

Upgrading to a Premium account allows you to update your contact details and therefore comply with this current legislation.