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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

Microchip Implanters

PeddyMark Ltd is pleased to offer microchips with Animal Tracker registration to Vets and trained Implanters.  These microchips are 10 x 1.4mm.  They have the same needle diameter as the mini microchip, but with a read range suitable for large breed dogs.  Implanters benefit from being able to use one chip for all animals.

Implanters who have purchased Animal Tracker associated microchips can open a FREE account by entering their Implanter PIN.  Implanters who are also Breeders, or who work for a Welfare organisation or Pet shop, can also select these options when registering in order to create a dual account. 

Vets can create a FREE account providing they register using their practice email.  Once authorised, your practice will then also receive full look up rights for microchips registered on Animal Tracker for reunification and compliance purposes.  Microchips can also be registered via your Practice Management System - please contact us for further information.

Click here to create your FREE account on the Animal Tracker database.  Click here to purchase microchips.

Why choose microchips with Animal Tracker registration?

We aim to make the process of registering microchipped animals alongside Keeper details as efficient as possible. The 'register a litter' function means information such as breed, date of birth, date of implant and breeder information need only be entered once, rather than for each microchip record.  

By introducing an online registration / transfer code and taking away the need for paper forms, we have created a quick and seamless procedure for Implanters, Breeders, Vets, Welfare organisations and individual Keepers.

  • Your clients can become the registered Keeper of the animal online, without the need to fill in any paperwork.
  • Dog owners can comply with current legislation regarding registering their details on a UK compliant database.
  • If your client is a Welfare organisation, then when they sell / re-home an animal then the new Keeper can open an account and accept the animal's record for FREE.
  • The option for your clients to make their contact details visible when their animal's 15 digit microchip number is entered into the website, or given to the Animal Tracker team.  This facilitates a quicker reunification if a missing pet is found. 
  • Animal Tracker operates a 24/7, 365 lost and found phone number.
  • Subscription account holders can add Veterinary contact details as a back up to their own, as well as vaccination records.  

Registering Microchips

Implanters should login to their Animal Tracker account and choose from 'register a microchip' or 'register a litter'.  Once animal / litter and keeper / breeder details are entered a registration code will be generated and sent automatically to the keeper / breeder via SMS and email.  It is also possible to download a PDF Registration Certificate to print and give to the Keeper.  If registering a litter to a Breeder who already has a Breeder account, then the animals' records will drop straight into their account with no need for a registration code.

Once the Keeper enters the code and creates their account, the animal's record will be registered to them. They will get the opportunity to check the details entered on the microchip and can update the name etc if necessary.

If microchipping an animal at a time when internet access is not an option, then please download our offline registration forms below.  These can be used to note down the necessary information to be entered online at a convenient time.