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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

What is an Animal Tracker Premium Pet Owner Account?

A Premium Pet Owner Account offers a number of benefits and enables you to stay compliant with current legislation regarding the microchipping of dogs.  These benefits include:

  • Ability to update your contact details throughout the lifetime of your pet in order to facilitate a quick reunification if they go missing and to comply with current legislation regarding dogs.
  •  Keep multiple pet records in one place - add up to 5 animals with Animal Tracker microchips within one Premium account.
  • Add Vet information to the microchip record.
  • Add temporary addresses when you go on holiday or have to spend time away from your pet.

  • Access to special offers and discounts.

Premium Account holders will have access to the following if their pet is missing:

  • Your pet's microchip number will be sent to the network of Scanner Angel microchip scanners.  If your pet is found and scanned with one of these it will recognise they are listed as missing and will display Animal Tracker's contact number. 
  • Alerts sent out by text / email to our lost and found network in the local area.
  • Ability to upload a photo and create lost posters.

You can upgrade to a Premium Account for a discounted fee of £7.95 at the time of accepting keepership of your first pet *, or for £15.00 thereafter. 

* If using the direct registration process (i.e. no registration or transfer code) then a Premium account will be £15.00