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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

What is a Transfer Code?

A Transfer Code has 8 characters usually made up of letters and numbers. It is generated online by a breeder or the current keeper when a pet is ready to be transferred to a new keeper. 

When generated, the Transfer Code is automatically sent to the new keeper by SMS or email (depending on the details entered by the person generating the code). It may look like this "PVEPWFYB" or "X9ZMD4TW".

This Code should be used by the new keeper who must log on to Animal Tracker and input it to accept the animal's record within 14 days.

Without a Transfer Code the keeper will need to go back to the person you purchased the animal from or do a direct registration by clicking here

A Registration Code is slightly different and will be for a breeder or pet owner that had their animal microchipped directly. For more information click here.