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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

Can I register any animal with Animal Tracker?

All animals who have been microchipped with a chip associated with Animal Tracker database can be registered.  These microchips are supplied to trained Implanters and Vets by PeddyMark Ltd.

If you wish to register a microchip not purchased with Animal Tracker database registration then please click here to complete a direct registration.  Please note that if a microchip is already registered on another UK compliant database then we will not be able to accept the registration.  

If you wish to migrate a microchip record from another UK compliant database over to the Animal Tracker database then you should initially contact the current database who holds the record. You can use the look up tool on our homepage to find the details of the database.  Registration of this microchip with Animal Tracker may incur an administration charge.

A microchip should be registered by the person who implanted it. Registration of a microchip by anyone else other than the person who implanted it may incur an administration charge.