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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

What determines ownership of a dog?

"There is no one single piece of evidence that conclusively proves who owns a dog. A Small Claims Court will consider a variety of information when determining pet ownership and a District Judge is entitled to give such weight to this evidence as they deem fit.

These include written and oral evidence on:

(If it’s a tug of love kind of case) Was the dog bought prior to the relationship or during the course of the relationship (and if the latter, were you living together at the time). If the parties were living together at the time of purchase and it was a joint agreement to get a dog as a pet for the family unit, it is very likely that such a dog will be regarded as jointly owned. However, no two cases are ever the same and so bespoke advice should be sought on the particular circumstances of the case.

Who bought the dog (including whose name is on the contract made with the rescue centre or breeder)

Whose name is registered with the Kennel Club

Who is registered on the microchip database

Whose name is recorded at the vet’s practice

Who is registered on the insurance certificate

Who usually takes care of the dog

Who pays the day to day expenses for the dog

Was the dog bought as a gift"



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