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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

The microchip in my animal does not match the number on my paperwork or account details

If you are concerned that the microchip number you have registered for your pet is incorrect, you should arrange to have the animal scanned as quickly as possible to confirm the correct number. This can be done at a Vet or a 'Pets at Home' store, or by anyone with a microchip scanner, and you should write down the number exactly as it appears when scanned.

If the number picked up by the scanner does not match the paperwork you were given or the number that is currently registered to your pet on our database, please contact us urgently so we can work to amend our records. You can check the microchip number that is registered to you by logging into your account and clicking on your animal's name. The microchip number will display under the 'Animal Tracker Record' per the image below.

Make sure you have both microchip numbers (the original and the correct) to hand when contacting us so we can locate and amend the record as quickly as possible. It may be that there are other animals and pet owners involved (for example if there was a paperwork mix up in the animal's litter), so please be aware that our process may involve having to contact other pet owners to resolve the issue. We will confirm via email or SMS (text message) once our records have been corrected.

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