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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

My animal is missing, what do I need to do?

Please inform Animal Tracker as soon as possible if your pet goes missing. 

First of all check your contact details are up to date by logging into your account.

You will then need to select the animal's name under 'Your Animals' and click the 'Report Missing' button.

Your pet's microchip number will be sent to the network of Scanner Angel microchip scanners. If your pet is found and scanned with one of these it will recognise they are listed as missing and will display Animal Tracker's contact number.

If someone has found your pet and enters the microchip number into the search tool on our database, or on another UK compliant microchip database, it will confirm that they are registered to Animal Tracker. Depending on the privacy settings you have selected, either a number of different contact details will be visible or there will be a note for the finder to contact the Animal Tracker team. You will have the option to amend these privacy details enabling the finder of your animal to contact you directly. If the person doing the search has an authorised account with us they will be able to view full details.

Subscription Account holders will have access to the following to facilitate a quick reunification with their pet:

  1. Alerts sent out by email to those signed up to the lost and found network in the local area (option to add in an alternative postcode if the animal went missing from an area different to their registered address)
  2. Ability to upload a photo and create a missing poster
  3. Ability to add Vet contact details as a back up to your own in case your animal is found but you cannot be reached immediately
  4. Access to FREE VIP membership at Pets Reunited.
    When a pet is reported missing on Pets Reunited, notifications with the missing pet's details will be sent to local vets, rescues, and volunteers. Ready-made posters and flyers will be generated for you and emailed directly to your inbox ready for you to print at home and distribute straight away. A search engine optimised, dedicated web page for your missing pet with a photo, location map and all the key details about your pet will also be generated.  Pets Reunited hosts several reunification successes and displays a huge 72% reunification rate.

If you have a basic account you can choose to upgrade in your account which gives you access to these benefits above (as well as others) for the lifetime of your pet.

If you are not in a position to access your online account, please call our 24/7, 365 number 01279 219777. Our customer service team will need to verify all callers before proceeding. Please have your animal's microchip number at hand.

What to do next....

  • If you suspect your pet has been stolen, you should contact the police and report the crime as a theft. Call 101 or report it online.
  • Contact vets, local charities and rescues to see if your pet has been found or handed in - give them the microchip number along with your contact details.
  • To inform your local authority/dog warden please visit
  • Search the local area. Animals may become trapped in garages or sheds, so pay particular attention to these.
  • If you are a dog owner whose pet went missing whilst on a walk, retrace the route, calling / whistling for your dog.
  • If you are a cat owner, consider leaving their bedding or litter tray outside (especially important for indoor cats).
  • Inform your neighbours know so they are aware.
  • Create and distribute missing posters (if you are a Premium customer you can do this via your account) to local shops, gyms, post offices etc.
  • Look at sites such as Pets Reunited ( who have a wide social media reach.
  • Contact your pet insurance provider (if applicable), as they may offer financial assistance and advice on missing pets

Please remember to inform us if you are reunited with your pet via your Animal Tracker account.

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