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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

I need to change my registered details, I already have an Animal Tracker account.

If you have moved address or changed phone number since registering your pet's microchip with Animal Tracker, you must keep your details updated by law (for dogs only).

You need to log in to your Animal Tracker account to make these changes.

Once logged in scroll to the "Account Information" section and click "Update Account Information". Here you will be able to update your contact information and change your privacy settings.

Pet Keepers

If you are on a basic account only this change cannot be made without upgrading. Our subscription plan offers an enormous 13 benefits for just £16.95 a year. This will allow you to update your account at any point and you will also receive a host of other benefits too which can be seen here.


If you have a breeder account you can make these changes online.

If you need to change your title, first name or surname (for example if you have recently married), then this request will need to be submitted to us by clicking below to contact the support team.  For security this request must come from the email address registered on your account.

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Do you still need help? If so please click here to contact our support team.