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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

I have found an animal and need to check the microchip for reunification purposes

You can use the microchip search tool on any of the UK compliant microchip databases to check what database a microchip is registered on.  For a list of the UK compliant microchip databases click here.

Vets / Animal Wardens / Police / Welfare 

If you do not have an authorised account with us and are running a microchip search from our homepage, the information accessible to you will be subject to the security settings of the animal’s listed keeper. If you have found an animal and this is not sufficient information for reunification please call us 24/7 on 01279 219777.  Please note that callers will need to be verified before data is released.

If you have an authorised account with us please log in and use the microchip search tool in your account page. As we have already verified your details, you will be able to see the full keeper (and animal) information we hold when running a search on a microchip that is registered with us. To do this, scroll down in your account page to the box that reads ‘Microchip Search’

You will then be prompted to enter the microchip number and select a reason for the look-up. Please pick the appropriate option and the system will then run a search of our records.

If you (or your organisation) do not have an account with us, you can set one up here. Once verified you will be given full look-up rights to the information we hold.

Anyone not working in a role / for an organisation listed above

If the pet has a collar tag with owner information, please contact them directly.  If not then you can take the animal to your nearest Vet, Rescue Shelter or Local Authority who will scan the animal to check if it is microchipped. If it is microchipped then they will contact the registered keeper through the relevant database.

If you have access to a scanner (available for sale from and locate a microchip then you can enter the number in the look up tool on the homepage. If the animal is not registered on Animal Tracker it will refer you to the UK compliant database it is registered to and then you can contact them.

If it is an animal registered on Animal Tracker then, depending on the privacy details selected, the registered keeper's contact details may be displayed. You can contact them directly, or if you cannot reach the keeper, please call Animal Tracker's 24/7, 365 lost and found number on 01279 219777.  

For dogs:

By law, you can’t keep a stray dog and should contact the dog warden for your local authority.  Click here to report a stray dog.

For cats:

Unlike dogs, there is currently no legislation obliging local authorities to deal with stray cats. You can ask your neighbours if their cat is missing and contact Vets and Welfare organisations to report the animal.

If the animal is injured please take it to your local vets.

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