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Animal Tracker registration for dogs.Animal Tracker registration for dogs

I am a pet owner and I need to register my microchip

Registering your microchip on Animal Tracker is easy and can be completed in just a few minutes. Registrations can be completed either by using a transfer code (provided by the previous keeper), or by using the animal's microchip number.

If you have a transfer code

The breeder or previous keeper of your pet should have provided you with a transfer or registration code to allow you to update the microchip record online. The code may have been sent to you by SMS (text message), by email, or provided to you with your paperwork. The code is 8 characters long and should begin with an 'M', 'P' 'W' or 'X'.

Register with Transfer Code

If you do not have a transfer code

If you do not have a transfer code you can still register your animal using your animal's microchip number. If you have the microchip number, please click the button below.

Register with Microchip Number

No transfer code or microchip number?

If you do not have a transfer code and do not know the microchip number, please contact your local vet who will be able to scan the animal and give you the microchip number. Once you have the microchip number you can return to our website and register your animal.

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