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Dachshunds Delight: World Record Broken at Agria Dog Walk UK 2024!

It’s a surge of Dachshunds! The Agria Dog Walk UK was back to celebrate its fifth year, and this time they made history with a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Largest Dachshund Dog Walk. Dachshunds and their dedicated keepers from across the country gathered at Marble Hill House, London, to achieve this monumental feat.

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342 Dachshunds Make History

Animal Tracker, a proud partner of Agria Pet Insurance, were thrilled to support this event, not only as a celebration of our beloved furry friends but also as an opportunity to advance our Database Detectives campaign. This campaign focuses on ensuring pet keepers have registered their dogs’ microchips, a crucial step in safeguarding our pets.

At this year’s event, the goal was clear: bring together at least 250 Dachshunds to set a new world record. We are ecstatic to announce that 342 Dachshunds participated, making history and setting a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title!

Special Guests and Notable Appearances

Adding star power to the event, animal welfare activist and TV personality Jodie Kidd joined the walk with her dog, Sausage. Jodie’s passion for animal welfare shone through as she encouraged Dachshund owners to unite for this worthy cause. Her presence, alongside numerous enthusiastic participants, underscored the community's commitment to raising vital funds for animal charities.

But Jodie wasn’t the only notable figure we encountered. We had the pleasure of interviewing Adam Henson from Countryfile, who shared the fact his dog Willow’s microchip was indeed registered… he thought! This was invaluable, reinforcing the critical nature of our Database Detectives campaign.

A Nationwide and International Effort

The record-breaking attempt at Marble Hill House was just one facet of a broader effort. Simultaneous walks took place at three sites across the UK and in several countries, including Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. These walks collectively aimed to support various animal rescues, such as Dachshund Rescue UK, Poodle Network, and Beagle Welfare. It was heartwarming to see a global community come together, united by a shared love for dogs and a desire to support animal welfare.

Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

At Animal Tracker, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives that enhance the well-being of pets and their keepers. Our partnership with Agria Pet Insurance and participation in the Agria Dog Walk UK underscores our commitment to this cause. The Database Detectives campaign, in particular, highlights the importance of proper microchip registration, ensuring that pets can be reunited with their keepers if lost.

Check your pet’s microchip registration here.

Remember, a pet’s microchip is only effective if 1. It is registered to you and 2. Those details are kept up to date. Without these points, when scanned, your pet cannot be reunited with you.

A Day to Remember

The Agria Dog Walk UK 2024 was more than just a record attempt; it was a celebration of community, compassion, and canine companionship. We are proud to have been part of such a historic and heartwarming event, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to support pet keepers and their beloved pets.